Sunday, 16 June 2013

The best year of our lives

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The 12th Month of Mimi!

A year tonight, at 10.52pm our little Amelia Rose arrived and every day since has been a wonder. Every day a new challenge made sweeter by a new first. Now as she's turned from a tiny baby into a toddler she is the sweetest child you could hope for. She is full of smiles and giggles and unexpected kisses and cuddles.

She spends her days running from room to room talking her own sweet language, with a few, dada, mama, dog, jes (yes) in there. She adores games where she can come and find you and will crack up with laughter when she does. She likes emptying anything, boxes, drawers of clothes, her toy chest to name a few. She loves climbing in cupboards and especially loves her dog Bella. She gives Bella the sweetest cuddles, complete with a thumb suck and will often spend the afternoon just followning her around the house and garden. 

She loves water, either with her water play table, the bath or the sea. She has a group of tiny friends she sees every week, probably every other day at least we meet up with one or more and their mummy. To swap toys to and from each other and have a run around. She loves skyping her family back home and will come running with a smile when she hears the dial tone. She can sit for the longest time watching  disney, and will always stop playing and dance when a song comes on! 

Having something in her hands is a favorite. I will find toys all over the house as she's walked them from room to room. I think it helps her keep balance. 

She now has 7 teeth, 3 on top and 4 on the bottom. She isn't a fan of nappy changes, she won't cry but she also won't keep still for long. She still has naps, mostly two a day sometimes three if we've had a busy day. She would eat all day if she could, and will take food off other babies....not good.

She loves books. All books. Even without picture. She just loves turning the pages and will sweetly sit and open and close a book for the longest time! She loves our piano and playing along as I sing.

Saturday, 15 June 2013